I help smart women throw out the diet rule book


Change Your Mind



If you’ve ever felt like you failed on a diet – or 10 – I’m here to tell you that the diet failed you – no only do they don’t address the root cause – they can actually BE the root cause of your weight gain or health problems.

As your coach I believe that you possess the power to completely change your life in any way. 

My coaching philosophy is one that empowers you to connect to your own inner wisdom and discover your internal resources in order to overcome the eating patterns and behaviours that are holding you back from living your most fulfilling life.

This is not a quick fix process, it’s a long term transformation. You know that diets don’t lead to permanent weight loss, you’ve seen it in your own life – and the research supports what you already know.

If you’re ready to connect with yourself, give yourself what you’ve been asking for (hint – it’s not food) and break your old habits then I’ll be here to guide you through the steps, with the tools, strategies and accountability you need 



Isn’t it time to stop the food fight? My unique two-fold method combines both mind and body strategies for restoring balance and making peace with food and your body. The way we feed ourselves is a habitual behaviour, one that originates in our subconscious – we must work at this deeper level to affect real change. 

You can be healthy without trying to micromanage food and your body and my non-diet approach can help you get there.

Best of all, you’ll learn how reestablish your mind body connection and making eating and weight regulation simple again. No counting calories, no coloured containers and no perfection is required.




My vision for each and every client is for them to create a healthy relationship with themselves, food and their body and help them extract the most joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment from their lives.

You’ll discover what really motivates you, how to sustain that motivation, how to regulate your appetite, vastly diminish cravings and emotional eating and how to indulge without guilt.

It is my greatest joy to spark my clients’ craving for knowledge, help them access their sense of purpose and live according to their core values.

Everyone assumes dieting is the way to get healthy...


It’s what we’ve been told for so long that we rarely question it


But what does science really say about dieting long term?


… 95% of people regain the weight

… 66% regain more weight than was lost

… increases binge eating, predicts weight gain and disordered eating behaviours

I'm an Anti-Diet Health Coach


I’m here to help you end the food fight, kick weight shame to the curb, make peace with food and reconnect to your body to create authentic health and a life you love – on your own terms.

My Programs and Services

Breakthrough Call

Isn't it time to get crystal clear on what your goals are, what obstacles that are holding you back from living your most fulfilled life in a body you love and exactly what you can do about it? Book a free call with me we'll get started creating your future now.


The SHIFT Method

The SHIFT Method is a 3-phase method based on cutting edge neuroscience and nutrition that helps you increase your energy and feel comfortable in your own skin without the diet drama. This program is offered in both group and private coaching format.


one-on-one intensive

In this intensive 1:1 personal breakthrough coaching session we'll go deep and conquer the one thing that is holding you back, slowing you down or preventing you from getting what you want.  Book a free breakthrough call to determine if this is the right option for you. 


are you ready?

Isn’t it time to get crystal clear on what your goals are, what obstacles that are holding you back from living your most fulfilled life in a body you love and exactly what you can do about it? Book a free  Breakthrough Call with me we’ll get started creating your future now.

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