I'm NOT Your Average Health Coach




Stop Dieting. Start Living.

Hi, I’m Laura!

I work with women who are tired of dieting and hating their bodies and are ready to find freedom and peace with food and their body, while developing healthy habits that make them feel good now. I give them the tools to leave the diet and weight shame roller coaster behind for good and find food-freedom bliss.

They’re ready to leave behind the diet mindset that has failed them so many times, for good.

My support and guidance helps them navigate a new way of thinking, eating and caring for themselves without feeling overwhelmed. I give them the tools to create a lifestyle that helps them increase their energy levels and reduce cravings without feeling deprived.

My mission, and my passion is to guide busy women just like you along this path because I’ve been where you are right now. 

In addition to being a Certified Health Coach, I also have a strong interest in the psychology of human behaviour and change. My study and certifications in the areas of Neurolinguistic Programming, Time Line® Therapy and Hypnosis are what help me create a mindset of excellence in my clients. Together these tools help them get over negative emotions, hangups and “schtuff” from the past and affect behavioural change at the deepest level so they can start seeing profound results – sooner. 


# of clients I've worked with

# of places I've lived

% of women who feel guilty for eating their favourite foods

% of time I fail to get to the gym

Certified Health Coach

Board Certified Practitioner of NLP

Board Certified in Time Line® Therapy


BSc. Biology Kinesiology

Board Certified Hypnotherapist


Board Certified NLP Coach

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